Wäin Schmaachen 2018


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Program of 35th Wäin-Schmaachen


Wednesday, 14th August

  • 7:00 pm

    Vernissage of the Art exhibition with the artists Marie & Sonja, Mea Bateman, Kerry Goergen, Danielle Goergen, Francine Weydert, Dani Bauer-Schmitz

Friday, 16th August

  • 6:00 pm Rock de Schleek

Sunday, 18th August

  • 10:15am  Wine blessing and festive office at church, sung with the St Cecile / Dietrich choral
  • 11:30 am Aperitive concert played by  Leidelénger Musikussen
  • 11:00am-10:00pm Free Mosel shuttle Meechtem-Nëttel
  • 12:00pm Lunch menu: Warem HamHunn am Réisleng or gebaake Muselfësch.

Booking Tel.: (+352)75 02 76 or with the form

  • 1:00-8:00pm Opening of wine stands
  • 3pm Procession vun der Musel op d’Schliikeplaz. Animation with the «Party Champ’s» (Rol Girres und Jeannot Conter)

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Grilled Mosel fish, BBQ, Abendsmenü (dinner).

Exhibit and Hobby artists, play ground for kids, Spring castle etc…

Coffee, pastries, aside with a goud Miseler Drëpp

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1 Entente Meechtem
2 Schliikebau and exhibit
3+4+5 Domaines Vinsmoselle
6 Domaine Viticole Pundel-Hoffeld
7 Schlink domaine viticole
8 Coffee and pastries

The program can be accessed  : here